Trehanz provides EDW workload optimization services using an IP enabled approach to cut down on time and effort needed to quickly get a customer started. It saves precious computing cycles and space by doing most of ELT or ELTL inside a Hadoop cluster. Trehanz EDI can help a client setup data pipelines and scheduled regular ingestion, transformation, aggregation and export of data on regular basis.

Trehanz EDI - Overview - Sep 2015 Updated Oct-13

Trehanz EDI can cut down on Hadoop journey of an enterprise by setting up the Data Lake of a customer and schedule jobs that will perform various operations without having to deal with nitty-gritties of Hadoop. The powerful workflow definition UI of Trehanz EDI can help a customer go from development to Production in less than a month. Trehanz EDI makes it a code free workflow driven solution to help customers not have to build a team of Big Data professionals to manage it.