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Preparedness - the Big Data way

Welcome to Trehanz

At Trehanz, we are at the forefront cutting edge Information Management technologies expertise with a successful track record of advising and leading clients in the areas of building their Big Data Lake, Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence. We have successfully evangelized client leadership with BI technology and trends including self-service Big Data technologies and helped broader business community with change management, and accelerated adoption. We have assisted clients in acquisition, correlation and transformation of data into insightful and actionable information to help enable an organization and its business partners to make better and more timely decisions.

A little about us

Our Services Include:

We have successfully delivered Big Data based IP enabled solutions to our clients. Trehanz Enterprise Data Integrator (Trehanz EDI) is a our flagship product that helps our clients quickly get set with their Hadoop journey. We have helped client get an orthogonal view their business by successfully converging structured and unstructured data into a Big Data Lake. Helped clients determine Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis of having a Hadoop based Data Lake for all the analytics needs. We have facilitated clients’ installation and managed stable, sustainable and scalable Hadoop technology infrastructure. Helped clients from architectural blueprints to enhance system performance by optimizing Servers, ETL and analytics jobs.

Big Data based

Streaming Predictive Analytics

Data Warehouse workload optimization

Get started with your Hadoop journey with us and realize the power of Hadoop to perform:

  • Data Warehouse workload optimization
  • Perform Predictive analytics to get an orthogonal view of business

Big Data based

Healthcare- automation

Retail- Customer Engagement

Investment banking- fraud detection

We have successfully addressed predictive analytics based industry vertical specific use cases. Be it:

  • Fraud detection in Investment banking,
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Healthcare automation

Streaming Real-time Analytics

Data warehouse workload optimization

Retail Customer Engagement

Investment banking- Fraud Detection